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Do not postpone things. Do them straight away!

Do you have a habit of postponing things? Do them straight away. It’s so much easier.

Don’t postpone—Just do it!

The truth is, if you postpone things, most of them will never get done. But if you do it straight away, you have a high chance of completing what you want to do.

It is also easier on your nervous system. You don’t need to remember that you should plan to do it, then execute what needs to be completed. You simply do it.

Do things that take less than 5

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Profile secrets revealed! What Russian, Ukrainian women REALLY want to know?

We asked Russian, Ukrainian women, which questions they would like to have answers to, in addition to the ones in men’s online dating profiles. Now we can reveal the secret list of issues that are critically important to women seeking marriage abroad, but most often missing from men’s profiles.

Use it to your advantage to connect with beautiful girls trying to find a partner for life.

What Russian, Ukrainian women REALLY want to know about you

Apart from pseudo-dating

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6 Simple Things You Can Do For the One You Love”


Everyday of your relationship does not have to be hearts and flowers. Sometimes life is just life, and it can and will get in the way of even the best of relationships, but if you’ve been stuck in that mode for too long or you are looking for a way to nurture your relationship in some way, here are few amazing things you can do for the one you love.

1. Get them a ‘coffee’

When you’re driving home from work or you have to run into the store really quick

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Relationships aren’t always fun.”


There is a terrible recurring theme among people that relationships are filled with nothing but good times and rainbows. The truth is far from that reality. A good relationship isn’t based just on how many flowers you get your girlfriend, or how often you do things for your guy. It’s also your willingness to sit next to them while they are going through cancer treatment. It’s comforting them after their mother died and they feel helpless.


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To men wanting a girlfriend: There’s no use being nice. Just have the money!”


I am 25 and I should have realized this long ago but I did not want to accept it. I should have known what it really is that women are after. I tried to be nice, funny and good spirited to most of the women and other folks. But nothing happened at all. No dates, no interest, no flirting, nothing. Nothing at all.

I didn’t expect too much but I expected at least to be able to find a girlfriend. Boy what was I doing? daydreaming? I can not count

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Your relationship WILL fail if you do not settle on this one CRUCIAL matter!”

FacebookTwitter Politics.

Everybody hates that word, I know. I do too because of all the pointless debates and hurt feelings that come up when the debate is finished.

The problem is, the way that Liberals and Conservatives handle relationships has become much much different over the past few decades. Back then, all relationships used to be traditional. Men did the dirty work, the wars, shed blood, and did everything they could to protect their delicate wives. Women raised

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Are Belarus women different from Russian women?

Foreigners often confuse republics of the former Soviet Union. Westerns typically call all ladies from the ex-USSR “Russian”. However, it’s over 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed and its 15 republics became independent countries. For the last quarter of a century, the former republics acquired distinct features and differences, along with historical variations. Let’s discuss what makes Belarus women different from ladies living in Russia.

10 differences between

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Everyday tips for successful online dating

For most people, online dating is a very important step in their lives as it’s showing that you’re actively looking for mail order brides to develop a meaningful relationship with. The wording of mail order brides sometimes produces negative connotations, but what it really means is a lady from outside the Western world has registered herself for online dating as she is open to meeting a Western man to develop a relationship with. If you’ve just started your online dating journey then

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Oh. My. God! Honest Opinions on this situation and this guy! Hard for me to write this but won’t take…”


He’s in his late thirties with a girlfriend + 2 kids and I’m 19! We used to be/ still are very close friends but I went away for a bit- we’ve still bumped into each other quite a bit. Lately though we are communicating so much. I rang him for a chat and we ended up on the phone for so long. He said I made his day by calling him. He said I’m the only one who rings him and cares about him. Then I told him the hours in my new job are so f***ed up. He started

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