5 Poisonous Statements in Relationships”

FacebookTwitter 1. “Nice Guys Finish Last”

Quite frankly, I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard this phrase before. It a phrase that is looked upon as a bad thing, but really it has some bad truths and some good truths in it. Bad truths: yes, girls can be dumb and yes, humans are dumb sometimes; therefore, there are girls who pick “bad” guys over “good” guys. However here is the problem with “nice” guys: they never made a move. Why do girls pick bad guys? Because their confidence is sexy. Nice guys like to wait things out, but waiting things out and trying to be that guy who takes things slow without any hint of obvious flirting can kill any first time attraction.

Here is the good truth in this statement: Nice guys should finish last. I always find it funny when someone comes up to me and tells me, “Remember that phone I lost? Guess what? I found it in the last spot I thought I would”. My thoughts: duh. When you find something, you won’t look for it anymore. In conclusion, you will always find something in the last spot you thought it would be in because that is the last spot you looked at to find it. Same thing with guys. Yes, I want my nice guy to finish last because that means after you, I’m not looking at any other bad guy. Finishing with a nice guy last should, in a sense, be flattering to the “nice guy”.

2. “How do I look 1-10?”

Guys and girls, you will never win with this statement. If your partner says that you look like a ten, you won’t believe them. If your partner says that you look like a five, you will be slightly offended because you are just average. If your partner says anything below five, you will be pretty offended. But here is what I have to say to any of you who want to be rated: You can’t be rated. No matter how hot you look, you will never be a ten because someone will always look better than you. No matter how ugly you look, you will never be a one because someone will always look worse than you. Conclusion: tell your partner that they can never be compared to anyone else and to rate them to world would be silly.

3. “Oh, he wants to be that way? He can’t treat me that way. I’m just going to ignore him.”

Any form of this statement is just a stupid game. Oh, she wants to text me five hours later? Okay, I’m going to text her five hours to see how she likes it. Oh, he wants to hang out with his female friends? Okay, I’m going to hang out with my guy friends and post it on Facebook. If there is one thing to learn from this article: STOP playing games. By playing these mind games, silent games, and playing hard to get games, you are doing two things: 1. Slowly killing your relationship because there is no communication involved. 2. Killing your lovely time with this person. I never understand playing hard to get. Just why? Why would you want to play a month of hard to get when you could have been dating that person for an entire month by now?

4. “Baby, I would never change a thing about you.”

Give me a break. I believe that there are people out there who generally want to love their partner for who they are, but saying you would never change a thing is false. There is always something that you would change about a person in your life. Not just your partner, but your parents, your siblings, your friends. We all have that one thing we hate about everybody. I would rather much enjoy a boy saying to me: “You might be a pain sometimes, but I love you even with those flaws” because even that just tells me that he knows I’m not perfect and if there is anything I like about people, it’s not their romantic comments–it’s their realistic comments that still flatter.

5. “You need to work on that more.”

No matter how you say this, you should think about this statement more. I believe that when it comes to relationships, if you expect your partner to work on something, you need to work on yourself as well. Why? Because when you tell me that I need to work on being more forgiving, I want to tell you right back that you need to work on not just pointing out all my flaws, but your flaws as well. This statement is a double edged sword that both partners should watch out for. After all, pride is one of the few things that can easily end a relationship.