Domestic Abuse: Abusers Always Escalate!”


If you are in a relationship and the person starts off with verbal abuse, he/she will gradually escalate to emotional and then physical abuse, only ending when the victim is dead or the abuser is locked up.

Get away if you are in such a situation.

An abuser will start out by isolating the victim from family and friends. This removes the victim’s “safety net”. The abuser may start out by accusing the victim of cheating. Verbal assault and emotional attacks will ensue. This could go on for a long period of time while the abuser breaks the victim down emotionally and makes the victim dependent upon him/her.

Once the abuser has good control, abuse will develop into physical assault that will get more intense.

An abuser may apologize and say it will never happen again. Do not believe this. The next time will come and it will likely be worse, as the abuser knows he can get away with it and has the victim under his/her control.

The abuser will make the victim dependent upon them. He/she may mandate the victim have no job or transportation. The victim may be led to believe they have no place to go.

The victim will still love the abuser and be totally under their control. It is a form of mind control as well as physical control.

Any abuse victim is in serious danger. Abusers ALWAYS escalate!!!

These statements are personal opinion only; but backed up by real world experiences of others.