How I Made 1.3 Million Dollars From Feminism/Equality”


Hi eveyone

This is my first mytake, and I plan to be as brief and coherent as I can so forgive me for not elaborating much. Please note that I have chosen to be anon to prevent people from messaging me. *please excuse my English as I am not a native speaker.


I grew up in an era when gender equality/ feminism was gaining steam across mainstream media and my country had recently adopted many preferential policies in favor of women and other previously disadvantaged people. Growing up in such times often made me feel guilty for just being a boy/man and often times fell under hateful rhetoric from my mother and older sisters. However, my dad was the one who built my confidence to not buy into any of the hateful attitudes towards men. So thank you dad for being my hero. I have never hated women, but all through my life thus far I have been subject to incredible sexism just for being a male. However I did not want to turn to mgtow and other organisations OR like many men here ON gag do “to resent women”. I WANTED TO OVERCOME MY SITUATION AND SUCCEED.

There was one particular moment in my life that triggered my desire to push through and succeed. My final year as an engineering graduate was that moment. Towards of the end of 4 years of hard work, our university held a forum with prospective engineering employers, some of which were the largest defense contractors in our country. Prior to the forum meetup, all the final year students had done brief presentations to these prospective employers. My group, consisting of 4 members built and manufactured the first “aerospike” rocket nozzle outside of the USA. After the presentations we spoke to various company representatives and it so happened that a number of students had gathered around the table of the largest defense contractor….we were all so excited. After the conversation the lady who represented said the following while handing out application brochures to fill in

I’m sorry guys, we have to fill a female quota this year and you are welcome to try next year

Those words above, will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget them. The really sad part about it was not the words that came out of her mouth, but the fact that the girls I had studied with, burnt the midnight oil with over projects, helped during lab practicals, sat with in the library learning before an exam, the girls who were my FRIENDS, STAYED SILENT AND UTTERED NOT ONE WORD as the company representative spoke those words. I got home that day, closed my door and cried a little before saying to myself

Never will *I* judge someone based on gender because I know how it feels. It hurts

The notion of Equality:

WOW, I have never heard a word ever gain such widespread attention as the word “equality”. From income distribution to the genders and everything in between. I constantly hear this word on radio, television, online, advertising, and even the label on my throwaway coffee cup. I don’t think I am the smartest when it comes to politics or philosophical arguments. Without going into the details I held the belief that it seemed obvious to my little brain that equality in any form “equal opportunity”, “equal outcomes” or any other form of equality can never ever be achieved. I just felt in my gut that something was wrong with that notion of equality. As one man put it:

One of the key implicit assumptions of our time is that many economic and social outcomes would tend to be equal or random if left to the natural course of events, so that the strikingly uneven and non-random outcomes so often observed in the real world imply some adverse human intervention.

The implicit assumption of “evenness” of outcomes in the absence of human interventions has been enough to turn a search for causation into a search for blame. Equality just seemed impossible to me. I could be wrong about equality, but I still managed to make 1 million dollars out of equality whether by luck or being correct about my opinion on equality….I still don’t know with certainty.

How I made the money from equality between the genders:

Note: Firstly why would anyone tell someone else his/her method for making money? makes no sense. Well I can share with you my strategy because it no longer works generally speaking because equality is so widespread now so you can only use it *if* you have done sufficient research into the situation at hand and a situation that is in isolation.

So back in the mid 2000’s my country was promoting equal opportunity for women, while this is something I agree with completely, the government and feminist organizations went about achieving this in ways that would benefit the rich and would cause all kinds of issues between the genders.

So without getting into much detail, these feminist organizations and government, whether by accident or intention, focused more on “equality of outcomes” with devastating results. I noticed two companies(in the same engineering industry) in a secluded part of our country that were similar in size and relatively the same with assets and workforce. Both were holding a market monopoly in that sector of the market. HOWEVER, one company was quick to adopt preferential policies for black people and women, while the other would only follow a decade later. So regardless of performance to a certain extent, the company directors were pressured by whoever to get women and black people into that environment. I felt that this would create a massive problem in years to come for that company. Why? Well, I based it on one simple assumption:

Given that I have very rarely observed anything in nature being equal or having equal opportunity, I *assumed* that it was very unlikely that intelligence, skill, performance would be evenly distributed among genders or races….and it become the foundation for my success.

So how did I make the money? Simple. Both companies were listed on the countries national stock exchange. So given that all else in both companies were stable (no unforeseen political issues which worked out well since both companies were in fairly isolated regions of the country)….all I had to do was invest in one company and short (sell the other) companies stock. I had saved up some money over the four years working at a regular desk job before investing and shorting these companies on the exchange. The rest was history and within 2 years and 4 months I had already reached my target. BUT it didn’t stop there, I decided to take advantage of preferential policies that companies had adopted given that they were *isolated*.

Another example: Equal pay for women/ or blacks/ or squirrels

Note: before everyone breaths down my throat. I believe that all should get paid regardless of gender for what they are worth BUT (HUGE BUT) I do not believe that enforcing a law for equal pay will help, in fact I think that it has caused more harm.

I was unemployed for roughly 6 months during my career and I found myself working for a local grocery store. To cut the story short, the owner was *SEXIST* and *RACIST* in the pure sense of the words, so he only employed people who were of the same skin color as him and mostly male employees. Some time passed and another grocery store I used to frequent just under a kilometer away was growing at an incredible pace, so having worked the racist mans grocery, I was curious to go see why customers had flocked to this new store. On arrival at the new store I was shocked to see what was going on. Most of the employees were female and of varying racial backgrounds and so I got chatting with the kind women at the till asking her about the growth and how much the employees were paid. It came as a shock to me and this is when I really began to examine the effects of preferential policies. Most of the women at the new store were paid 60% of what we were paid at the sexist and racist mans store and that is when it started making sense to me.

The market system was working it’s best to remove *prejudice*. How? Well the racist/sexist store owner was paying a price for his prejudice towards women, because another store owner saw an opportunity to hire those women who were just as capable of doing the job while paying them less salary so that he could undercut and buy more goods thereby forcing consumers to his store. So in effect he forced the racist/sexist owner to pay for being prejudice.

Now what happens if there is a law stipulating that men and women must earn the same for equal pay, then if there is a racist sexist store owner, he pays no price for his prejudice against women. So basically you deny women or other racial groups the only weapon they have….which is the option to work for less. Now in 2007 I noticed that a feminist group took a large company to task because it had not hired enough women and those women were not paid the same hourly rate for men doing the same job. So once again I saw an opportunity and made money from a preferential policy for equal pay.

Final words:

I’m not smart enough to have theories or the reasoning capabilities of phd folks so I say this as a thumb suck view. oh before i forget, please don’t think you can just apply this method that i have described willy nilly. I took me great research and analysis to find companies that could be commensurable and secondly I did it at a time when preferential policies first came out in my country. Also I will not work today because most companies have all now adopted some kind of preferential policies towards women and people of color, so I guess you could look at comparing countries *hint đŸ˜‰

I believe that equality in any form shape or size might seem wonderful sounding or beneficial at first read, but something has always felt innately wrong to me about this word “equality”. Humans do not have consequential knowledge and sometimes we do not understand the implications of good intentions though policies.

it’s a pity that the people most racist and sexist in this world have benefited (especially monetarily ) in light of preferential policies designed to help women and previously disadvantaged people as I have shown above.

I hope you all enjoyed my take. I will try as best to answer your questions. Thank you for reading. Take care. I would like to end with one of my favorite quotes:

A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will *not* end up with equality but it will end up with a much higher degree of both (freedom and equality) than any other system.