Why Dating A Different Race Is Not Bad At All !!”


Caution: Do not assume that just because your partner is from a certain culture or ethnic background that he or she fits the stereotype of all people from that ethnicity … Stereotyping is wrong in every aspect.

Having a partner from a different culture than yours is not a CRIME, marrying across cultures is not as bad as people think, there are a lot of benefits like:

You will actually have a lot of things in common and you will learn about these similarities throughout your relationship.

Being exposed to another country and another Mentality.

Being exposed to new ways of thinking.

You will have an incredible experience with someone you love and respect, and you will not even notice the differences after a while because of this respect.

Possibly learning a new language.WHY NOT !!

FOOD !!! Yes, you will discover each other’s cultural and traditional dishes and your life is a non stop party …

Your mind is continually opened !! And you will be able to teach your friends and family about diversity !!

Ok, Ok I know, this does not mean that a relationship within the same culture is BAD, not at all, but I shared these benefits, since interracial dating seems like a big deal right now and it’s harder to accept….

Above all else, you have the privilege of loving someone and this is what counts !!!

Thank you and take care of yourself and each other

With lots of love

Natured <3

P.s. YES I’M BACK, I just passed my last exam in University, so I was studying a lot during this month and didn’t have a lot of time to be active on G@G.

I’m so happy and out of control right now I feel free and I love being FREE !!! NO MORE EXAMS !!! YAY