4 Signs That Your Crush Likes You Back!”


Wonder if he likes you or not? Compare these 4 signs, and check if your crush is crushing on you too!

1. If your crush is staring at you.

He might stare at you, and you might catch him staring, and usually he would turn around or just stare at you for a few and turn around again. This, basically, just means that he likes staring at you, or that he wants to make a conversation by calling your attention! 🙂

2. If your crush talks about you or mentions you around his friends.

This is a common way to know that he likes you, through other people, although it’s better to know he said it, but most likely he would be too shy to tell you personally. Other guys would choose to let you know personally, instead of having you hearing it from his friends or close people! 😉

3. If your crush tries to contact you.

This step is usually the “Beginning of All”. He might text you. Follow you in social media. Or try to get your phone number, or your username, from other people like your friends or close ones! This means that, ❤❤❤, he’s trying to talk to you! Trying to get to know your crush is commonly a sweet way to start a relationship, this also means that he’s interested in you!

4. He gives you gifts!

This sign is the most uncommon, although it’s pretty sweet! Your Dear Crush, would give you gifts, he might buy you stuff you like, or give you presents on important days like your birthday, Christmas, Holidays, etc. It might not be a gift, it could be a flower or a small compliment, but to you, it’s probably the best thing in the world!


❤ Be free to ask him!

❤ Try to make a friendship with him! If you show him you care about him, he will start to notice your efforts and might start to crush on you!

❤ If your crush doesn’t notice you at all, try to be flirty around him! But not SO flirty because then he might think you are trying way too hard.