Easter in Ukraine: what does this festival mean for Ukraine women?

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Easter is one of the most widely celebrated and largest religious events in the Christian calendar throughout the world. In fact, Easter is celebrated on a grander scale than Christmas in some parts of Russia, and Ukraine women will eagerly share their traditions, faith, and practices with you as you build a relationship through online dating. Orthodox traditional Easter celebrations are enjoyed by Ukraine women and their families with anticipation, excitement, and vigor and this makes the festivities all the more welcomed and fascinating for westerners to understand.

The predominant traditions of Easter observances in Ukraine revolve around time spent with the family, where Christian values are honored and folklore practices are enjoyed. Ukraine women will spend time with their families in the build up to Easter and on Easter day and this will involve preparations to decorate the home, arrange gifts and prepare an impressive and tempting feast. On Easter day, many Ukraine women along with the rest of their family and friends will attend church to worship Jesus, pray and give thanks for salvation. This annual event is often referred to as “The Great day” by the people of Ukraine.

On Easter Sunday (on April 16th this year), many Ukraine women and men attend Easter Mass at their local orthodox churches. They take along baskets filled with Easter bread and eggs which are blessed at the church and eaten later that day during a large family breakfast. The significance of food is high throughout Easter traditions for Ukraine women and you are likely to be told about the abundant meals that are prepared for the family to enjoy. Single Ukraine ladies, as well as their married relatives, will take the opportunity to showcase their domestic skills by preparing tasty treats and celebratory dishes, with the bless Easter bread at the heart of their meals.

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Another tradition that most Ukraine women are likely to participate in at Easter is that of decorating or sharing pysanky which are raw, decorated eggs. It is believed throughout Ukraine that these eggs help to protect the home from bad luck and evil spirits. Children and some Ukraine women and men will take part in “krashenka” battles which involve two opponents bashing the ends of their eggs together, with the victor being the one whose egg does not smash.

Ukraine women will also gift gifts to relatives and friends for Easter and this usually includes Easter eggs and treats. Following a large family breakfast on Easter Sunday, many Ukraine women will venture out to friends’ and relatives’ homes to spend time enjoying further festivities, exchanging gifts and being thankful for their time together. Easter provides a perfect opportunity to learn more about Ukraine women’s traditions and customs as well as their loved ones. Talk to your love about how she will celebrate the day, how important the event is and who she will share the festivities with. In many ways, Ukraine women will enjoy many similar traditions to those celebrated in Western Easter practices and you will inevitably enjoy comparing and contrasting.

Also, as a romantic and thoughtful gesture, take the opportunity to wish Ukraine women that you have connected with via online dating a ‘Happy Easter’ to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and understanding of the importance of the event to their culture.