I really need advice on how to properly go about this. Desperate and will reward good advice?”


Ok so this is kind of a long story but I desperately need help. I have this best friend that I have always felt close too and trusted. We have been friends for close to five years and he has really seen me go through my awkward high school days to now being close to a grown woman. Anyways we have always been there for each other and felt extremely close. The problem is that a few weeks ago we hooked up for the first time in our entire friendship and it was instant chemistry. We have been here and there flirting and I see him at least 4 times a week but he has a girlfriend. Granted he has been dating her for around 6 months but I know her personally. I know I need to end the sexual part of our relationship and I honestly don’t want to hurt this girl. However we always told each other that I wanted him in my life forever as a friend and don’t want to make him upset by saying we can’t hookup anymore (sometimes he literally can’t keep his hands off of me). I feel like the timing is bad but I also want to end this in the smoothest way possible. I need help he has been in my life for a long time and my parents trust him. I’m so conflicted, I know it’s wrong.