My girlfriend is blaming me for not being affectionate enough?”


So apparently, my girlfriend has been blaming me about how I’m not being affectionate enough for her eventhough I always kiss her at times and have good sex. She even says she wants to get married and I already told her that I don’t want to get married for obvious reasons (divorce is a motherfucker). She also gets on my ass for not saying “I love you”. It’s not like I can help it. I never did like to express my emotions to anyone, not even to my own family. I see expressing emotions and pain as a way of saying that you’re weak, for me that is. I don’t like showing that I’m weak. She said that she’s going to break up with me if I don’t change but I don’t want to. I kind of like the attention she’s giving me. Do you guys now how I can make her understand that I’m just the type of guy who doesn’t like to show affection without her leaving me?