The Russian woman who is ready in 5 seconds (video)

Victoria Petrosyan may be the Russian woman of your dreams: She is able to change to a new outfit in seconds. Her show “Honey, are your ready?” with husband Sos Petrosyan scored multiple awards all over the world. The couple of magicians hold a Guinness World Record by the highest number of changes: 12 costumes in just 60 seconds. Watch the video of her performance on America’s Got Talent, which wowed both judges and the audience.

Who are Sos and Victoria Petrosyan?

38-year-old Victoria, born in Moscow, Russia, is married to her 45-year-old husband Sos for 20 years. The speed of getting ready must be really an advantage in a marriage!

Sos’ talent was noticed already at the age of 4 when documentary “The Small Star” was filmed about him at 1976. The young boy born in Armenia, USSR, was skilled in circus arts, music, dance, and pantomime. By the age of 6 he left the home city of Yerevan to study in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre School of Ballet, where he spent 11 years. He started to perform in circus arts during the last years of the Soviet Union and then went to perform in Paris and worldwide. The first quick change illusion by Sos was showcased in 1991. By 1996 he designed an act with 2 women and 16 costumes.

Victoria’s parents worked in Moscow circus, so she was close to the performing crowd since childhood. However, her parents wanted her to become a lawyer. But she decided otherwise.

In 2000 she and her husband created the first show of Russian Quick Change Illusion, which they keep improving ever since. The talented duo had been working on this project since 1996 when they got married.

Video: “Honey, are you ready?”

It takes 2 hours to prepare the costumes for the show and then further 40 minutes to dress. After the show it takes another hour to pack the dresses to be ready for the next performance. But when the show happens, it only takes seconds for amazing transformations. And, of course, when the show ends, the heroine is dressed in white as a Russian bride! It’s the perfect magic trick.


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