What to text your best guy friend (after he finds out you like him)?”


So in my last question. What to do when your best guy friend is pushing you away. That took a turn. yesterday I was with the guy I like. I asked a normal question and he started yelling at me. So I followed some advice I heard and ignored him for the rest of the day. My other friends were like you need to tell him you like him today. I said no. But then I let my one friend tell him in private. That he was pushing me away and that I liked him. She came up to me and said he said that he did not know he was pushing me away. Then when she told him I liked him she said he went silent and did not say anything. So she said for me to talk to him. I said no and ignored him for the rest of the day. Just to give him time to think. Then when I went home and an hour later he calls me. I just declined the call. Then I started texting him asked him what he wanted, and he said he accidentally called me. Then I text him back apologizing for what happened and I said also I understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. He texts me back its fine I understand. Then he calls me again I miss it. And he texts me saying he’s bored. So we have a short conversation about what he’s doing over the summer. Then he says he’s playing the XBOX.(THEN HOW IS HE BORED). Then he doesn’t text me back. Now today I don’t know what to do. Should I talk to him on the phone about what happened. Should I leave him alone and let him reach out to me.
(Because yesterday was his last day of school).

Someone please give me advice on what to do.