Am I putting too much energy into my relationship? Should I give up?”


I feel like I’m in a really sucky situation right now which is weird bc everything in my life is coming together nicely. I’m reaching my goals and things are finally starting to fall into place… except my relationship. It seems to be the only thing that’s falling apart. Right now I feel like I should be relaxing and enjoying my achievements but instead I’m a little worried and focusing on the stress in my relationship. It just feels like we’re drifting apart, I know he’s been really busy w/ work and his new job lately but I don’t think that’s the reason. I’ve tried to speak to him about everything I’m feeling & he assures me everythings fine but it just doesn’t feel like were as close as we used to be. We used to be best friends before we dated. I think I want him to do things that he says he can’t & he wants me to do things I say I can’t. It feels like the whole dynamic of our relationship is changing/unraveling and I’m trying to hold it together. Am I putting in too much energy? Should I give up?