The first day of the visa-free entry for Ukrainians to European Union (online broadcast)

Channel 112 Ukraine launched an online broadcast for the first day of the visa-free regime with Europe. The broadcast shows 6 points of crossings to Slovakia (2 locations), Romania, Hungary, and Poland (2 locations). Video services are set up with the assistance of Cordon Online.

The first day of visa-free entry: What happens at the boundary crossings

Border control services already checked the first cars with drivers and passengers entering Europe without visas on biometric passports. Ukrainian authorities said they expected that the amount of traffic to Europe from Ukraine would increase by approximately 30%. The workforce on the Ukrainian side is prepared for such an increase, Ruslan Krasnoportko, colonel of the border watch force, told Interfax. According to Krasnoportko, the new equipment they received recently allows to check a person through in 7-8 seconds.

Earlier we reported what documents Ukrainian women need to visit countries on the visa waiver. 34 countries of the European Union are now easier to access.

Update 15:00

By 3 pm over 1,100 Ukrainians crossed borders on biometric passports without visas, the border security service reported. Altogether, 28 thousand of Ukraine’s citizens exited the country, but the majority didn’t use the new visa waiver to Europe. Only 4 people were refused visa-free entry. One person didn’t have the required biometric passport, and 3 people had overstayed in Europe previously, so were ineligible to enter. Overall, officials expected that the number of visa-free tourists would be higher.

Watch what is happening at the border right now.