My husband won’t post photos of me and barely acknowledges me on social media! What’s up?”


My husband of 8 years uses Facebook every day and in the five years he’s been using it, he has maybe posted 3 photos of me (none of us together, just obscure photos of me from a distance or with my sunglasses on) but will post occasional photos of our two young sons and a selfie once in awhile. He never wishes me happy birthday or anniversary, or mentions my name in any of his posts. When he posts family vacation photos, he takes shots of the hotel, scenery and our sons but not of me! You’d think he’s single if you saw his FB page. I am a very attractive woman and in good shape so it’s not like he’d be embarrassed of me. When I mentioned it to him, he got annoyed and posted an obligatory photo of the two of us (looking stiff and annoyed at each other) and wrote “Having lunch with my #1”. It sounded forced and very cold. #1? Not my lovely wife? Any feedback would help, esp from some “older” folk who have a bit more experience:)