Ditch the Drama In Your Relationship”


Why doesn’t s/he ever text or call me?

Why doesn’t s/he sometimes come home to me at night?

Why are we always fighting in public and at home?

Why did s/he cheat on me again, after they promised they wouldn’t?

Why is it always about them and never about me?

Does s/he really even love me?

(Cue the announcer voice) Does this sound familiar? Then you may be in a drama filled relationship! In a rut? In a funk? Your man or woman got ya’ down? Then perhaps you are the one who loves the drama in your relationship.

There is a point in a relationship between two adults…not talking teenager stuff…but with two adults where you’ve got to learn to communicate with one another, respect each other, be there for one another, love one another, and fight with one another in such a way that you figure out how to resolve your problems as opposed to prolong your issues indefinitely.

If your life long mantra is I’m tired of the drama, and you don’t want any drama any more, then why do you willfully choose to keep coming back to it over and over again? If you’ve had the bad relationships, your goal should not be to just get right back into old habits, and old ways, and rehash the same old same old with someone new.

A bad relationship is supposed to teach you something.

It’s supposed to teach you that if this happens with the next one, get out of there, or say something, or do something to alter the course, but if you stay in and repeat the same thing and expect different results, well, that is the very definition of insanity right there.

Know your worth and know what you deserve in a relationship. Also know that if you aren’t getting that, and you’ve tried all you can to communicate and work with your bf/gf to get them to give you what you need and they flat out refuse or won’t do it, then move along. When you stay, you become desperate. You’re saying to yourself that you absolutely 100% deserve the horrible mistreatment you’re getting. You want it. You live for it. You’re happy being miserable because it gives you something to do and to constantly complain to others about, which then in actuality makes you that drama king or drama queen you’re trying so hard to say is all about someone else and what they’re doing.

If she or he won’t change, you’ve tried everything on your end, they aren’t trying or they revert back to old habits that hurt your relationship, don’t continuously keep buying into the drama and the pain. It will only ever leave you bitter and with nothing in the end to show for all the times you wasted when you could have been chasing after happiness with someone else that is willing to give you the respect and love you deserve.