Top 10 Things People Want In A Relationship!”

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Trust is usually earned first when it comes to relationships with your boyfriend and girlfriend. It has to come naturally and fluently. But trust can be taken away easily. You should always try to be honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend and show that you can trust and as well. You should always be able to trust as well as be trusted. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants you to earn their trust back you should try and earn it back if you want to be in a relationship with your partner.


Whether it be with your partner, or about the things you do, try and show passion. Give passionate kisses on the lips, hold her your partner tightly, say how much you care about them. Always when you can be passionate about one another and be able to show it! Maybe take them out to the movies or something and make out. Guys can show passion by picking his lady up and kiss her. Women can move her hands over a guys body and face. there’s so many ways to show passion.


You should always try and be honest with your partner, whether you broke something of theirs or being late for something just be honest and if they care for you they’ll understand. Its not always an easy thing to do but if you want your partner to trust you, you should be honest with them. One of the best ways to earn trust is to be honest with your partner.

Surprise Them!

Be able to show your partner a big surprise like giving them a gift you think they’d want. Or throw your partner a big surprise party for them or a celebration for something that has a lot of meaning. Always listen to what things they like, and base that on what you should get your partner. There’s so many ways you can surprise your partner and being able to happily surprise them is one of the best things you can do in a relationship.

Relaxing Romantic Dates

Doing things like watching a movie or watching a TV show you both enjoy is very relaxing and you can talk. The best kinds of movies to watch while relaxing is a Comedy Movie, Romantic Movie, or Romantic Comedy Movie. If your watching a show maybe a Sitcom. Or if you have any videos that you’ve made of yourselves you can watch that and talk about that too. There’s a lot of things you can watch while being able to lay back and talk to your partner.

Playing Fun Games

Whether it be video games or any other kind of game, it’s always fun to play a game with your partner to have fun. Video games are probably the most fun to play since there are so many kind of games. You can always have fun when playing Mortal Kombat or a Super Hero game. There’s Boxing games you can play or Bowling games. Or you can try go Bowling or play Pool. Whether it be video games or not. It can be fun playing games with your partner.

Sometimes Compromise

Sometimes you need compromise when doing things as a couple. Like when you want to watch something on TV together and you can’t agree on what. Like if theirs an episode of a show that he wants to watch but theirs a movie on that she wants to watch. Try and compromise and settle on something that both makes you happy. Or if you want to go someplace and your partner wants to go some place try and decide some place that you both want to go or decide this time we’ll go here and next time we’ll go there. It’s good to try and compromise.

Take Care Of Them When Needed

If your partner is sick, or lost something or someone. If they are sick comfort them, if they have a fever put your hand on their forehead and check their temperature. Try and get them better, try and get them to sweat it usually gets the fever to go away. Or if your partner loses something they love and there’s a chance you can search for it and find it you should be there for them. You should always be supportive when needed.

Trying Something New With Your Partner When You Can

Once in awhile a boyfriend and girlfriend should do something new together. Like going on a ride at a amusement park or trying new food that you haven’t tried before. It can be fun going on a ride with your partner especially since the woman’s boyfriend can hold onto her. Maybe going Bowling if you haven’t ever gone there before and have fun together. Or playing Ping Pong together and can be very fun playing together. It’s usually fun starting something new with your partner.

Massage Them When They’re Tense

If they’re tense and stressed. And their body aches and has pains you should rub the parts of their body that feels tense like their shoulders back feet and other parts. Theirs plenty of things that can cause someone being tense. It’s not really hard to give good massages except maybe if your Monica from friends lol. You can do it easily either with or without lotion. There’s so many ways you can give massages with your hands arms or other parts or your body. Its easy to love a good massage especially if its from your partner. And especially if they love doing it for you. And if your both tense you can massage each other and it’ll probably feel better for both of you :p.

Tell me what you think of some of these things? :p