What My Ideal Boyfriend Is Like”

FacebookTwitter What I care about?9/10 to 10/10 face

This is subjective and its based on my own scale. I can’t have sex with someone whose face doesn’t look appealing to me and I want my kids to become more attractive than me. If his face isn’t appealing, I won’t be interested. If his personality suck, I won’t be interested.

Over six feetBlue or green eyesBlonde or brown hair


Nice to almost everyone in the past, present and future

Loyal and Trustworthy

Liberal or moderate

Doesn’t smoke or do drugs

Good listener

Thoughtful of me and others

Easy to talk to

Fun to travel with



Respects me and others

Empathetic and sympathetic



Not a trouble maker


Not obnoxious


Not uptight

Doesn’t have a temper

Happy or tries to be happy

Things I don’t care about?


Salary and money

Mental illness (as long as it’s not a substantial impairment)

Humor – I don’t have humor

Confidence (as long as he’s not too insecure and unconfident)

Intelligence (as long as it’s not below average)

Whether or not he wants kids (I can see myself with and without kids)

Whether or not he drinks

I know my standards are high and I’m okay with being alone forever if the ideal man never shows up.