My Experience of the First and Last 6 weeks of University Life in Halls”


My experience of my first and last 6 weeks of uni halls (left due to the course and glad i did).

My flat
The 3 guys…
The first guy (I won’t post their pictures obviously so i will just number them) was a 3rd year and was our flat rep who i got on well with but of course he already had a friends group and everything… he was also the president of our dorm colledge (there was 4).
Guy #2, I clicked with really well just in terms of conversation. He was a black guy that had a huge group of fellow black people on HIS FIRST DAY who from

what i say became basically mates who he hanged out with since moving there. He told me he joined some whatsapp group (assuming it was the African society thing?). But I didn’t find any groups like that and i didn’t hear of others who had arranged this.
The third guy I also got on well with but he was somewhat off at times? He had a mate off campus who hanged round with him a lot (every day really) and also a lots of friends who visited him all of which i got on really well with. But with him i dunno I just got the impression he was off and liked me but I wasn’t somone he would hang around with on a regular basis. So his friends who i had gotten on really well with basically i didn’t see much unless they were in my kitchen about to go out somewhere.
Bottom line… I got on well with all the 3 guys but they all had their own friends groups by the time I arrived. I know your thinking… you must have been boring or something. The guy who seemed a bit off even said he thought i was very funny so i wasn’t by any means dull. But I do think i was almost trying to compensate by trying to make too many jokey comments even though they were always recived well (i can tell when people are fake laughing). I found that with 3/4 of the girls they seemed to label me as a bit of a clown/maybe a bit of an idiot.
Now the 4 girls…
One was a really self abosrbed/arrogant. This university wasn’t an amazing one by any means but she was from a posh background with good grades… but she came to my uni just because she liked the campus. She seemed out of place but she had a ok time making friends even though i kept hearing them all complain about her which was puzzling. She came across as one of the very extroverted/alpha types who even if she was disliked by many was still seen as a social asset and someone to be friends wtih.
The two of them were good mates since day 1 and i don’t honestly know why but they both seemed to cling togther and be off with not only me but the others. Girls i noticed seem to band togther quite quickly. They were also edgy though… they defintely didn’t seem to be the type who liked guy mates. I mean they never said hi to me after the first few days. The girls in all just seemed really off even though.
Girl 4 was very nice and we got on well. But she was one of the international students from Russia… so she didn’t have the best English and ended up being mates with fellow russian/polish girls in the flat block which makes sense.
Where did this leave me on freshers week (welcome week)? Pretty much alone in my room most nights unless it was one of the main events where our flat rep invited all 6 of us to go togther. I’m not someone that can just go to a event/club by myself. Other flat floors (most seemed to cling like family) all went out togther. I recall some saming there was one on their floor who they always asked to go with them but he/she declined. This for me was annoying as hell because I would of accepted any offer. My flat seemed to all invidually have their own mates/groups… there was no eating togther only the ocssionaly and conversation (excluding the 2 edgy girls who didn’t even say hi.
They are just flat mates you can make friends outside of your flat surely? Yeah you aren’t wrong. But to reiterate a previous point… if no one on your flat floor asked you to go out somewhere would you just go by yourself? I’m sure a fair amount of you would but i just couldn’t get myself to do that. Everyone seemed to make friend through chatting as a group to other flat groups… but ours was all spread out… so i really must have been one of the hermits.

My course mates:
I did however make two very good mates from my course. The first (male) i got on really well with… he was outgoing and had a good flat floor who he went out with. I would sit with him in class and chat after until we went back to our own flats. I thought this would be my saving grace but excluding the first 1 1/2 weeks of lectures he stopped attending. The funny thing is he actually really enjoyed the subject but he was just lazy and spent most his day smoking weed with flat mate of his.
My second friend who was probably my best one (at least towards the end) was female (probably a supprise given I’ve just talked about how 3/4 of my female flat mates were basically weird/bitches/rude. I sat with her and we got on really well similar to how i did with the first guy and this was since week 3 out of 6. On the last week after I discussed how shitty my siutation was (my plan worked) she invited me to come chill with her mates who were all nice. Which is probably the only tip i can give other than join clubs (even if they probably require a long term commitment before making friens to hang out with after they are finished)… if you know someone nice and get on well with them… complaining about how shitty your flat is seems to be a good way of them clocking ”maybe i should ask them out” which works if they like you.

Anyways I left due to the course which i really should never have gone on. I’m now going back to university to do something I know i will enjoy at a new university of which will involve me being around lots of people with the same interest. I’m hoping things will be better but yeah this is ‘my take’ on my first and last 6 weeks of living at university on campus. Apologies if this was boring as fuck but i spent too much time typing this to discard it lol. There is more to the story but i really think this is boring and long enough.