Richard and Larysa (USA, Ukraine): Married and awaiting tweens!

Another beautiful dating success story arrived from our clients today. Richard and Larysa (USA, Ukraine) met on Elena’s Models and in less than 2 months the decisive American man flew to Kiev to meet his online sweetheart. Fast forward a few months, and they are happily married and awaiting tweens!

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Story of Richard and Larysa (USA, Ukraine): “I am amazed at how quickly and successfully I found happiness from your website”

By Richard (USA)

Dear Elena,

I am amazed at how quickly and successfully I found happiness from your website.

I was on your site for 3 months when I received interest from this beautiful woman with a very cute smile! I learned later that she was very selective with this and really enjoyed reading about my hobbies and my wanting to start a family in my profile.

We began our correspondence and it quickly grew into something more. We chatted all day long and even got to wish each other goodnight separately, thanks to the time difference. We started having Skype dates that would last hours to all day on the weekends. It was all so real and so comforting.

I did not wait long. Less than 2 months from our meeting I was on a plane heading to Kiev.

It was such a foreign place for me, but I was fascinated by it, and even more fascinated by her.

Within a period of 6 months she visited me in US, I went to Ukraine again to meet her family, and she came to me one more time.

During this 2nd visit of hers it was apparent that we could not bear being apart. So I proposed to her one night while walking on the beautiful beaches of Florida’s Gulf coast. She got to stay with me from that moment on. We were married shortly after and are now expecting two beautiful daughters to arrive in the next 3 months.

We are both still in awe that we found each other from so far away. We appreciate your website so much for making this connection possible! Thank you from our soon-to-be family of four!

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