What Kind Of Relationship Is he Looking For From Me?”


When we first started talking I kind of thought he wanted a real dating relationship because
We use to talk all day and night about everything he use to text back really fast and he Would even double text at times.. and I remember every time I would tell him to stop doing irresponsible stuff he use to say stuff like, maybe if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t be doing things like this.. its always if I had a of this if I had a of that..

Then out if no where things started to change he would take so long to text back our convos stared to get dry then I thought maybe he just want sex because on Fb if I share sexual stuff he would always like it and things like that but when every we’re talking and I say some sexual stuff he don’t really react to it in a way I would want him to sometimes he’ll entertain it other times he’ll brush it off
I think we’ll be a perfect couple. We always make each other laugh we’re so much alike I’m basically a female version of him.
He always post statues like I’m single. I want a girlfriend and things like that
we still talk but not as strong as before and he alwaysss text me first.. What do he want from me because I’m sick of wondering