Is it a big deal he can’t be bothered to even see me to the door?”


Basically there are now A LOT of nights when it gets to about 11pm/12am and I’ll tell my boyfriend I should go coz I know he’s tired and it’s getting late. He won’t take me and tells me to stay longer, then he eventually gets far too tired to drive me home, calls me an uber and thats it. It hurts sometimes coz for example today I asked could he at least see me off at the door and give me a big goodbye hug. He said “no I’m too weak to get up” and then he barely even wanted to hug. I kind of begged “please babe at least see me off at the door” and be just said “I’m not chatting shit plus your cab is outside”. So I said can you sit up then and give me a hug and kiss and I’ll go. He rolled his eyes at me in annoyance and just said “look your uber is here.” I replied “i know, I’m going just going to give you a hug and leave”. But after all that he seemed pissed off. Fair enough he was feeling grumpy and tired but I feel better and safer getting in a cab most nights when he’s seen me get in them. I don’t know, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill or his reaction is uncalled for