Unhappily married sometimes and having an affair?”


Long story short, 4 years ago I discovered my husband signed up for dating sites and trying to hookup with other women. He never actually did, I know because I went back and tracked his gps on his phones for a LONG time. Anyways since then he’s come clean and said he used to frequent strip clubs. I’ve had a lot of bitterness but we’ve managed to get through it and the marriage itself is good. About a year ago a very close male friend of mine started getting flirty. We’ve always had some what of an obvious connection but neither one of us ever pursued it until now. We both have had marriage issues and we always go to each other when things happen. My issue now is I do love my husband but I’m not in love. Sometimes I’m just unhappy. Sometimes I’m completely happy and feel like I am in love. confusing right? Anyways my male friend and I are now having a full on affair. We’ve fallen in love with each other. What do I do when I can’t leave my husband because I don’t want to hurt my kids or our group of friends?