Oh. My. God! Honest Opinions on this situation and this guy! Hard for me to write this but won’t take…”


He’s in his late thirties with a girlfriend + 2 kids and I’m 19! We used to be/ still are very close friends but I went away for a bit- we’ve still bumped into each other quite a bit. Lately though we are communicating so much. I rang him for a chat and we ended up on the phone for so long. He said I made his day by calling him. He said I’m the only one who rings him and cares about him. Then I told him the hours in my new job are so f***ed up. He started laughing like crazy and said ‘I thought you said you’ve more hours for f***ing now…’!!! He was very flirty and said I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I forget you’re so young. I laughed and said at least wait until I’m 20 to talk to me like that.

Then the other day I joined a messaging app and he messaged me within a few minutes saying ‘Hello’. He has NEVER messaged me before this & always kept his number from me for some reason but now he has practically given it to me. I didn’t reply for a few days and when I didn’t reply I saw he hadn’t been online so I eventually did- I wasn’t sure of who it was so I asked and he replies ‘It’s me my darling’.

Opinions on this situation & of this guy’s intentions please?