Self Recovering Cheater?”


I’ve cheated a few times and she doesn’t know. I cheated with a rather close friend of mine and have recently chosen to change my ways. Maybe it’s because I just graduated, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, I don’t know but I’m serious about this. I’ve been dating this girl for almost five years and the cheating was never anything like another relationship. it was possibly nudes or a little dirty chat. only a little something to get off when I felt like things were on the rocks with my girlfriend (there’s always been a barrier of communication because of her family and how she came up but no matter what happened or what we tried she struggled to open up) and was on the edge of breaking it off. I’d go to the friend and talk it out. this is where the other stuff came in. late night chats n she’d flirt with me a bit to get my mind off things. eventually I gave in being childish as all hell.

long story short I’m sure of myself and I know I’ll be fine. I even know my friend would understand and stop all that at the drop of a dime. im not telling my girlfriend. that’s out of the question no matter what anyone here says but what I want is other people’s opinions on if this kind of thing is possible for everyone. can a cheater change and is the general public willing to let them without making it seem like a fruitless effort