Why don’t this guy ask me out when there was this point in time where he kept on staring at me and making…”


Anyway I’m just curious. Yes I’m just in grade 10 in high school and NO I’ve never actually had a real boyfriend before. It was all just puppy love. You know, like 8 year olds saying they love each other or something. I take the bus home after school, and so do lots of other kids. So like, this May, there’s been this one particular guy (he’s kinda cute too, I noticed his eyes were really attractive) staring at me in the bus station. I don’t take the same bus he does (I’ll add some details to that later) and it had been like many days in a row that I’ve seen him staring at me and making eye contact. It’s not too obvious, but enough to make me realize he’s been staring and making eye contact with me; since lots of people look at other people’s eyes, and that doesn’t mean anything. So he’s been doing that and sometimes his eyes would follow me to where I go, and I could see him turning his head to me and looking at me while he’s talking with his friends (obviously he wasn’t talking about me, he’s just making a conversation). And then I don’t know what to do about it. I did not ever smile at him whenever I make that eye contact, but I kinda like him too. I just try to look somewhere else, but I knew he’s been looking at me. Then one time I took a different bus cause of my friend. I was talking with my friend and she got off the bus and realized that guy was in that same bus. AND DAMN HE STARING AT ME. His face was partially covered since he’s sitting behind one person but his right eye was visible and it’s staring at me. He got off the bus and said “Thank you. Eve.” to the bus driver. So, yeah some more stares and i never smiled at him and a day after he looks at me like he’s pissed about something I don’t know about. And it seems like something’s changed with him. he doesn’t look at me like that anymore. It’s like I did something wrong to him and I don’t even know. Many people say I’m gorgeous tho. never been asked out. what up?