Are Belarus women different from Russian women?

Foreigners often confuse republics of the former Soviet Union. Westerns typically call all ladies from the ex-USSR “Russian”. However, it’s over 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed and its 15 republics became independent countries. For the last quarter of a century, the former republics acquired distinct features and differences, along with historical variations. Let’s discuss what makes Belarus women different from ladies living in Russia.

10 differences between women from Belarus and Russia

People in Belarus mostly speak Russian, which is the second official language of the country, along with Belarusian.

Some people with little knowledge even think that Belarus is a “made up” country. In fact, Belarusian nation has always been distinct. But until recently, they were called “Litvines”. (Don’t confuse with Latvians or Lithuanians, although these people are ethnically close to modern Litvines.)

So, there are some specifics to ethnical as well as cultural identity of Belarusian ladies.

1. Belarus women are tall.

Most ladies from Minsk are quite tall and keep a straight posture. Russia is a much larger country, which includes 86 various subjects, including some national republics that are larger than France. As such, Russians often have mixed heritage with some portion of Asian genotype. On average, Russian women are not as tall.

2. Belarusian women have blue eyes, round faces, plump lips, and snub noses.

The typical Minsk or Gomel lady has light hair (blonde or light brown), blue eyes, and a round face with plump lips and a snub nose. Typically, faces are quite large. There are also some women who have dark hair and larger noses, especially in villages. Ladies from Russia have mostly darker hair, often green or brown eyes, and a great variety of facial features. The look of Belarus women is seen as typical Slavic appearance.

3. Belarus girls are kinder.

Talking about cultural characteristics, Belarus people are seen as more laid back and easygoing. They have a kind expression of the face. Russians are more driven and assertive.

4. Belarusians are obedient.

Belarusians rarely talk politics or participate in protests. They simply obey the rules and keep going. Citizens of Russia love to talk politics and have an opinion on every subject.

5. Belarusians are hardworking.

People in Minsk and other cities keep their homes tidy, do repairs and renovations often. They usually have a country home, where they grow vegetables and berries, and they enjoy working on the land. Russians prefer to work as little as possible: It’s considered smart to work a little and be paid a lot.  

6. Belarusians are honest.

There is much less corruption and more order in the country. People are generally straightforward and honest. In Russia, there is a lot of corruption and scams, so people tend to be less trusting.

7. Belarusians are more tolerant.

There is no negative attitude towards any nationality or group. Russia is known by its laws against promotion of homosexuality and people tend to have strong opinions about nationalities, where Russians are always better than any other ethnos.

8. Belarusians are calm.

The easygoing attitude expresses also as more calm and peaceful. Right now Minsk is the place where Russian and Ukrainian leaders come to negotiate their differences and political solutions. The Minsk-based government is friends with both Russia and Ukraine, which are in a fight. In daily life, people are not showing as strong emotions and convictions as Russians.

9. Belarusians are down-to-earth.

If you talk about women from Russia and Belarus, they are like people from a big city and small town. Belarus girls are simple. If you love small town mentality, you would find common language with them easily.

10. You don’t need a visa to visit Belarus.

Citizens of 80 countries are now able to visit Minsk without the need to apply for a visa. To visit Russia, as a foreigner, you still need a tourist visa, which makes it slightly more complicated.

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