6 Simple Things You Can Do For the One You Love”


Everyday of your relationship does not have to be hearts and flowers. Sometimes life is just life, and it can and will get in the way of even the best of relationships, but if you’ve been stuck in that mode for too long or you are looking for a way to nurture your relationship in some way, here are few amazing things you can do for the one you love.

1. Get them a ‘coffee’

When you’re driving home from work or you have to run into the store really quick to pick up a few groceries, bring your significant other back a small treat of something they love…coffee, an ice cream cone, a favorite candy, their brand of protein powder, a beer–whatever…it can go a long way towards letting them know you’re thinking about them even on a regular ordinary day just out of the blue.

2. Write and seek

If you travel a lot, or are going to be taking a long trip without your significant other and/or your kids, the night before, go around your house/apartment and leave little simple one line or more love notes in places you know they’ll look, but are slightly hidden so they don’t find them before you leave. They can be as simple as, “I love you and can’t wait to get back,” or “thank you for all that you do and for taking care of things while I’m traveling,” or a bit more comical but loving, like the one above. These will be a nice surprise for them to find while you’re gone that let them know, even while away, you miss and love them.

3. Let it go

There are just some fights in life you start with your partner that are dumb AF and you’d know that if you’d just shut up for a second and think about it. Not everything needs to be fought over. I’m not saying roll over and play dead in every argument, but sometimes, you kind of (read: definitely) need to let it go every once in a while. Let your partner know you’re sorry that you’re fighting about nothing–maybe you’re hangry or just tired and taking it out on them, acknowledge that, and drop it. Don’t bring it up tomorrow, don’t re-ignite the fight later on. Seriously…let it go.

4. Acknowledge them

Whether you do this for them in private or publicly someway, acknowledge your significant other and all they do for you and say thank you. We do after a while take for granted all that our SO’s do for us, and saying a heartfelt thank you–especially out of the blue, can mean so much to them. Truly appreciate what you have. Don’t just assume they get that because you exist. Sometimes it’s good to say it out loud.

5. Give them a break

This one is more so if you have kids. Without a ton of fanfare, just one random night or weekend, give your SO a break from the kids. Call their friends, arrange for them to go out for a guys/girls night or some other thing they like, and send them away to relax. Parenting is tough stuff, and every parent, as much as they love their kid(s), needs a break to re-charge. Let them have it.

6. Do something they want

You may hate the ballet or the football game, but the reason your partner is asking you to do these things with them, is because they actually want to share time with you otherwise they wouldn’t bother asking you. Even if you hate the thing they want to do, every once in a blue moon, just go. Bite your tongue, keep the disparaging remarks about how boring or annoying it is to yourself, and just go. You may actually find out you like the thing, or just that you like the person who likes the thing, and that’s cool too. Tomorrow is no guarantee, so take advantage of all the time you have together.