Do not postpone things. Do them straight away!

Do you have a habit of postponing things? Do them straight away. It’s so much easier.

Don’t postpone—Just do it!

The truth is, if you postpone things, most of them will never get done. But if you do it straight away, you have a high chance of completing what you want to do.

It is also easier on your nervous system. You don’t need to remember that you should plan to do it, then execute what needs to be completed. You simply do it.

Do things that take less than 5 minutes straight away

Anything that takes less than 5 minutes to complete should be done immediately. In this case, the issue is resolved and no time wasted planning it. You don’t need to return to it later and get into the groove again.

If you have a dream, plan it

Having a dream is great. Dreams keep us going. But unless you do something to make it happen, it’s not going to become a reality. So, plan it. This is something you can do today, even if you feel like you are not ready yet.

  • Planning is exactly the thing that can (and should) be done when you are not ready.
  • Once you outline the steps, even a giant undertaking seems doable.
  • You have no excuse to postpone planning. Just do it!

Break a big task into smaller steps

A big job can appear intimidating. But in reality, it’s just a lot of small jobs that need to be completed. Think about it as building a house. You first need to find a block of land, decide what home you are going to build there, find a builder, order plans, check them, sign a contract. Only then the actual building starts. You begin preparing the ground, lay the foundations.

Any other job works the same way. You move step by step.

When do you want to have a wife?

If you are here today, it’s probably because you are seeking or considering finding a partner in an Eastern European woman. If you could do it any way you wanted, when would you want this amazing, beautiful woman to be with you?

  • Next year? You need to start now.
  • In 5 years time? Stop looking and concentrate on other jobs in hand.
  • Right now? You can live together with a stunning, loving lady in just 1 month. Yes, it’s possible! We had couples who achieved it. Not just one but many.

If you know what you want and you are prepared to do anything to make it happen, it can be achieved.

But I am not sure yet I want it!

Sometimes, you are unsure this is for you and something you want to do. How to find it out if this is the right thing to do?

  • Just jump into it. While you are sitting on the fence, you won’t know. Other people’s experiences are theirs. Your experience may be completely different.
  • Simply start talking to women. You will quickly know if this is something that may work for you.
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Stop pondering over it. Just do it. Find out once and for all if this is your cup of tea. If it doesn’t work, at least you know. Then you are free to do something else, something you really want to do.

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