Relationships aren’t always fun.”


There is a terrible recurring theme among people that relationships are filled with nothing but good times and rainbows. The truth is far from that reality. A good relationship isn’t based just on how many flowers you get your girlfriend, or how often you do things for your guy. It’s also your willingness to sit next to them while they are going through cancer treatment. It’s comforting them after their mother died and they feel helpless.

That doesn’t mean the sweet things are pointless. No, indeed they do play a part in things. However, they are simply one piece of the puzzle you have to fit in there. Relationships take work to make them last a long time. And that means they really take a lot of work. It’s not always going to be great, and sometimes your mate might even make you consider punching a dolphin. But if you only stuck around for the perfect parts then they really wouldn’t be that valuable, would they?