To men wanting a girlfriend: There’s no use being nice. Just have the money!”


I am 25 and I should have realized this long ago but I did not want to accept it. I should have known what it really is that women are after. I tried to be nice, funny and good spirited to most of the women and other folks. But nothing happened at all. No dates, no interest, no flirting, nothing. Nothing at all.

I didn’t expect too much but I expected at least to be able to find a girlfriend. Boy what was I doing? daydreaming? I can not count how many regrets I have and how much time and some money I have wasted on women and absolutely nothing came out of it. It’s time to take charge and do what I do best with my life now without involving too much into women.

Women care for the biggest part of all about one simple yet hard to obtain thing.


The more you have it, the more likely you can get a girlfriend. In fact the more you have the better your chances. I saw how women exclusively have chosen to date the one’s with better financial statuses than the rest of us. Me and my buddies have wondered what do these men have, that makes them so desired by the women?

Only recently I have found out why and I did not want to come to this realization but the truth does hurt a lot.

So if you are a man then you are likely to be average like the rest of us and cannot get a girlfriend. If you have tried then you know what struggles I have been through. Women cannot be impressed by you and me and the rest of us to be our girlfriends.

In fact you can be exactly that charming man, who is nice, sweet, funny, makes everyone laugh, is supportive, cares about his woman and lends his shoulder to be cried on if something terrible happened, reminds her how much he loves her and how beautiful she is – yes, all of this in one gentleman, that many girls think about at night and are crying themselves to sleep into their pillows because they do not have that gentleman as their boyfriend or maybe because he doesn’t exist (but they do!). But if you just got some of that cash available to spend it on her, then she is as good as all yours. Hell you don’t even need to be nice. Being nice is just what can be seen as a plus much like if you apply for jobs. Money is a requirement. No money, no honey! Being nice will not bring you any farther.

Simple as that.

So if you want to have a girlfriend then I will have some solid advise for you so you can get started as soon as possible. These are:

– Enroll in college, institutes, universities and get a better degree in any profession, that the job market today demands. Check what jobs are available in your location and check what profession is required in order to be employed in that position.

– DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME A DROPOUT!!! This would be a very huge mistake and a setback! Unless you didn’t like your chosen profession of course.

– Do your current job and work hard. Get those promotions!

– Never stop! Sure, you can take some time off to rest or to lay off in order to rejuvenate yourself but don’t try to be without tasks for too long

– Keep applying for better jobs with better salaries. If you are unemployed, get an employment anywhere as soon as possible and spam those resumes!

– Keep updating your resume and CV at least once every 2 months

– Realize, that there is much more in life than just girls! Enjoy your life!

Last but not least: Be careful about your spending habits! You do not want to attract a gold digger!

If you achieve all of that and make a good amount of money, then you will be THE CHOOSER of women. That’s right! Currently the women choose which men they want (and they deliberately choose those with the money) but not if you are cashing big time, then YOU will choose the woman if you will. What should your woman be like? Big boobs, big booty, a seemingly sweet girl or a hot model? Blonde, red hair or dark hair? It doesn’t matter! Women will be competing for YOU!!! And that will be the time when YOU are in charge and that will feel most empowering!

Then you will remember my words and thank me. You will remember, that being nice is NOTHING! Money it is. Then hopefully you can pass on my advise, that I have given to you to the other men.

That’s it! I hope I have helped some of the younger men here. I know it is disappointing that you cannot get a good woman let alone a woman at all at your age and under your living circumstances but hey, that’s just life. I am not sure when I will be able to be successful with women but I am working on my plans.

Good luck my brothers! Focus on your plans and keep a clear head. It won’t be easy but in years of hard work and countless efforts later this may be you.