Your relationship WILL fail if you do not settle on this one CRUCIAL matter!”

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Everybody hates that word, I know. I do too because of all the pointless debates and hurt feelings that come up when the debate is finished.

The problem is, the way that Liberals and Conservatives handle relationships has become much much different over the past few decades. Back then, all relationships used to be traditional. Men did the dirty work, the wars, shed blood, and did everything they could to protect their delicate wives. Women raised the kids, kept the family nice and neat, and were listeners to their husbands: “Father knows best.” Father directed the household, mother kept the household, and that’s how it has been.

Now, politics has completely shifted the climate of how people run their lives. The liberal feminist movement has created a divide in how people see treatment of women in households and society, and now, politics has almost become a gender war.

In high schools, the boys were conservative, and the girls were liberal. Conservative men are considered controlling, sexist, racist, and disgusting, and Liberal women are considered annoying, irrational, naive, and destructive to our society (OBVIOUSLY by the other group).

Because both political groups handle relationships differently, based on what I have seen, I am confident to say that if you want your relationship to succeed, both partners must agree in some way on politics. There are 3 and ONLY 3 things you can do.

1. Agree to disagree


This is hard. This will cause future conflicts. As a man, you can no longer tell your woman to wear slutty clothing outside, or you are too controlling. Heck, you can’t even tell her to hang out with other men. Both of you are independent. You always thought you were an independent male, but now she is also an independent female. Don’t expect to split the bill either. Treating kids will be different for both of you. She might ask you for consent before every intercourse This is hard. It is a checkmate for you. If you get into a fight with her, she will forget that she let you advance on her and accuse you that you raped her. It will eventually fail.


Because you have agreed to disagree, as a liberal female, you already get everything you want simply from that. By agreeing to disagree, you are not letting your partner influence you like the patriarch he wants to be.

2. Follow your partner


Following your partner would be practically the same as agreeing to disagree, but now just enforcing her liberal ways. You are still restricted from everything you once wanted to do, but now you have to join her on her feminist marches and, practically, be dominated by her.


This is the exact opposite of agreeing to disagree. Now, you are letting your man run the household like men have for millennia before our modern day. It may be hard for you. It probably sucks. He might end up too controlling. You might be expected to be a nurturing mother for the kids and home while your husband is at work.

3. Leave your partner

Yea, it sucks for both of you.


I think many people can accept that politics has changed from a thought war to a gender war. There are liberals who might say that it is about freedom (literally liberty) of each side, but this undoubtedly changes the way that couples operate in the dating space.

A very important thing to consider when finding your partner is how you are going to take on politics. What I find personally is that after people fall in love, they kind of drop their politics and let love take them where they go. I know it sounds like I am just an arrogant conservative saying this, but feminist girls in my school forget about it when they fall in love. I was talking to a friend who was dating a liberal, and he spoke of how they had their romance. He would move in on her, and she would just love it. But there was never any consent between them. He payed for her meals and they had great dinners, and they said nothing about it with each other.

It is weird how love works. I hope that any of you looking for relationships consider my idea, and that politics does not ruin you in the future. It certainly can if you are both very set on your beliefs, but maybe learning your partner’s spectrum is really the only way out. Chances are, they will even be able to convince you to believe them! Besides, if you both love each other, you would both let love take you down your path.

Good luck everybody, and sorry that this isn’t professional. Sorry if I offended people.