Is this normal behaviour for a man?”


I’ve been with my guy for 14 years, we have a child together and we relocated to a different country a few years back. We had our daughter and we made lots of new friends, which was all very lovely except in recent months we will go to a gathering with friends and we will be fine before we leave and when we get there he’ll pay hardly any attention to me barely noticing I’m even there and doesn’t even watch over our daughter he leaves me to do it all. Then when we leave he’s always off with me like I’ve done something or said something wrong. But claims he’s fine! This will usually last a few days after too! Then he’ll go back to normal for the most part! I don’t very often drink, I’m not loud and especially if my daughter is around she’s my top priority and I like to make sure she’s safe! I have no idea why he behaves this way and if I ask him about it he gets cross and shouts like it’s bugging him but what am I supposed to think he’s been fine with everyone else all evening, then to come home and treat me like crap how is it unfair to do this to me and why would he do it in the first place?