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Dress to Impress: Does it Work with a Russian Woman?

It is a well-known fact that Russian women are considered to be among the most beautiful, stylish and elegant women in the world. A Russian woman is imagined as a young, bold, gorgeous, talented and attractive lady with no doubt. She knows how to be beautiful every day and puts a lot of efforts to take care of her appearance, style and clothes. The big secret that needs to be unleashed for impressing any Russian woman is to stay well-dressed. Although in love the appearance is not in the first

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Tea Drinking in Russia: Living Tradition in Lives of Russian Women

There is a strong connection between tea and Russian history. The tea lovers in Russia can be found in large amount due to their unconditional liking for this beverage. From men to the Russian women and even kids, everyone is fond of tea (cooked with a variety of ways). Although, the bone-chilling climate of this region create a misconception that these people consume more coffee but the story is different indeed. The increasing culture of having tea had been started after the year 1638 among

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Оnline dating after divorce: how does it work

If you’ve been through a divorce, then you might be concerned about the prospect of online dating and worried that mail order brides will be put off by the fact that you’ve been previously married. But these worries are nothing more than a prejudice as most of the mail order brides understand clearly that in the modern world divorcees are not uncommon. Almost every modern person knows someone who has been divorced.

Are you my soulmate?

When to start online dating

After divorce

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Top 8 activities for August meetings with your Russian lady

By now you’ve probably signed up with our dating agency, have been talking to some beautiful Russian singles and found a lovely Russian lady whom you have a connection with and want to meet in real life. If so, it’s great, but have you thought about what activities you want to do with the Russian lady when you meet her? When you first started speaking through the website, you may have picked up a hint or two, but let us help you and show some activities many Russian women would love.

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