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The Art of Moving On”

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We all wish sometimes that we move on so easily, once a meaningful relationship ends we all tend to shut down, and it doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, when any good relationship ends we lose a bit of hope. Of course it depends on how was this relationship and why it ended, some relationships end dramatically and drastically and it breaks us in half, others end with mutual understanding and it could be less painful at first, but the soreness

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Is this normal behaviour for a man?”


I’ve been with my guy for 14 years, we have a child together and we relocated to a different country a few years back. We had our daughter and we made lots of new friends, which was all very lovely except in recent months we will go to a gathering with friends and we will be fine before we leave and when we get there he’ll pay hardly any attention to me barely noticing I’m even there and doesn’t even watch over our daughter he leaves me to do it all. Then when

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The Bee Sting Theory, Loving Someone Difficult: Case Study 001″

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So recently I made a hypothesized theory. Mostly dealing in regards to loving someone who has been hurt or damaged in some way as well as those with mental disorders such as: ptsd, gad, mdd or sad etc. Here is why I came up with the “Bee Sting Theory“.

This mostly revolves around those people who find themselves pushing a loved one away. Okay, so you got me there, maybe not a theory but, definitely a possibility to do

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