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Are you self-employed? Eastern European women will love you

Are you self-employed or own a business? Eastern European women will love you. No matter how small is your company, a man who is brave enough to venture into being his own boss deserves a great respect, in the eyes of gorgeous women from Russia and Ukraine.

Why do Eastern European women love self-employed men?

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries of the former Soviet Union it’s hard to start a business.

  • There is a lot of red tape and regulations<
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    Top 10 gorgeous ladies of June photo contest. Meet the winner!

    View the top 10 gorgeous ladies of June photo contest and meet the winner, who was selected from 126 entries.

    This month the jury reviewed the top 10 entries, which collected the largest number of support.

    We have considered all eligible votes and have taken into consideration social media sharing, support by website members, and artistic value of the photo.

    The winner receives:

    • The title of the Best Photo of June 2017.
    • Prize money: USD $500.
    • Entry into the Grand Final of
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    Wages in Ukraine: How much people will earn in the next few years?

    Ukrainian government plans to raise the minimum monthly wage in Ukraine by 523 hryvnia (20 US Dollars) in 2018, to the amount of 3723 UAH ($143).  Yes, it’s a monthly payment, not per week.

    In 2016 the average monthly earnings of Ukrainians were only 5183 hryvnia, which is only 198 US Dollars or 175 Euro.

    How wages in Ukraine will change by 2020

    The minimum wage was increased by 100% in January 2017: From 1600 to 3200 UAH ($61.4–122.8). It was a big step, since social security

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    Do you want to be #1 on Elena’s Models? Here is how

    There is a sure-fire way to become #1 desirable bachelor on Elena’s Models, a magnet for all the gorgeous single ladies that join our dating site. These tips will help you to score lots of interest and ensure positive answers to your messages on

    How to become #1 bachelor on Elena’s Models

    You may not believe it but the majority of beautiful women on Elena’s Models delete or hide their profiles within 2 weeks.

    By reports from our male members, about

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    Do not postpone things. Do them straight away!

    Do you have a habit of postponing things? Do them straight away. It’s so much easier.

    Don’t postpone—Just do it!

    The truth is, if you postpone things, most of them will never get done. But if you do it straight away, you have a high chance of completing what you want to do.

    It is also easier on your nervous system. You don’t need to remember that you should plan to do it, then execute what needs to be completed. You simply do it.

    Do things that take less than 5

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    Profile secrets revealed! What Russian, Ukrainian women REALLY want to know?

    We asked Russian, Ukrainian women, which questions they would like to have answers to, in addition to the ones in men’s online dating profiles. Now we can reveal the secret list of issues that are critically important to women seeking marriage abroad, but most often missing from men’s profiles.

    Use it to your advantage to connect with beautiful girls trying to find a partner for life.

    What Russian, Ukrainian women REALLY want to know about you

    Apart from pseudo-dating

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    Are Belarus women different from Russian women?

    Foreigners often confuse republics of the former Soviet Union. Westerns typically call all ladies from the ex-USSR “Russian”. However, it’s over 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed and its 15 republics became independent countries. For the last quarter of a century, the former republics acquired distinct features and differences, along with historical variations. Let’s discuss what makes Belarus women different from ladies living in Russia.

    10 differences between

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    Is this listing on Elena’s Models a fraud?

    There are thousands of guys out there browsing Internet websites listing foreign women seeking marriage. There are tens of thousands of online ads of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus women who’d love to meet a partner for a serious relationship. Are they real or fake?

    Fraud vs. real

    Most of men seeking Slavic women online have probably fallen victims of PPL pseudo-dating scams. These schemes are purposefully built in order to separate users through layers and build illusions, as opposed to

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    Russia: New law to arrest citizens for swearing at home

    Russian lawmakers excel in adopting acts that excite the planet. Earlier this year domestic battery was decriminalized in Russia. Now Russian Duma adopted the first version of a legislation that caused social networks to explode: People who swear at home will be committing the offence of “minor hooliganism”. Lovers of strong words will face fines up to 5,000 rubles or compulsory works, or detained for up to 15 days.

    Russian Duma approves the first draft of legislation to punish for

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    How to contact 20 beautiful Slavic girls free on

    Did you know that you can contact 20 beautiful Slavic girls on Elena’s Models absolutely free? The difference of is that there are no hired writers who try to get you hooked, like on pseudo-dating sites.

    All chats, mails, messages, and photo sharing on Elena’s Models are free with your 3, 6 or 12-month subscription—similar to eHarmony or

    You also get a personal blog for members (it works similar to Facebook) where you can post status updates

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